Featured HR Compliance Training Videos

Putting an End to Bullying: Manager Version | HR Compliance Video Preview

Putting an End to Bullying: Manager Version

Workplace bullying happens when an employee is the target of a pattern of mistreatment that causes or is intended to cause some sort of harm. This video lesson addresses what organizations can to do to create an anti-bullying culture, and suggests actions that supervisors should take to make sure their team stays in line with this drive.

HIPAA: Breach Notification | HR Compliance Video Preview

HIPAA: Breach Notification

HIPAA Basics provides an overview of the basic principles in HIPAA, HITECH and Omnibus. We’ll cover the three main areas of HIPAA: Privacy, Security and Breach Notification. This video lesson will help learners understand what a breach is, what the consequences of a breach are, and how to deal with a breach once it’s happened.

Substances of Abuse | HR Compliance Video Preview

Substances of Abuse

In this lesson, we will take a look at many of the common substances of abuse, and explain why a substance doesn’t have to be illegal to be abused.

Determine the Competencies Required | HR Compliance Video Preview

Determine the Competencies Required

This video lesson discusses how to look for qualified, competent employees and how to distinguish different character traits. It will help supervisors, managers and general HR staff put a solid process in place to conduct great interviews.

Record Keeping | HR Compliance Video Preview

Record Keeping

In this course, we focus on Territory Adminstration. Record keeping is crucial for a good sales department and its people. We all know that it’s one of those tasks that no one wants to do.

Working with Different Generations | HR Compliance Video Preview

Working with Different Generations

Research shows that people share similarities within their age group concerning attitudes, behaviors, motivations, values, and decision making processes. This series explores the events, outlooks and expectations that create differences and commonalities between the five major generations of workers in the United States.

Can I Ask That? Legal Interviewing — the TAKEAWAY for Managers™ | Video preview

Can I Ask That? Legal Interviewing — the TAKEAWAY for Managers™

This conversational, easy-to-use program for managers explains the ins and outs of conducting a legal job interview that doesn’t violate anti-discrimination legislation.

Can You Require Employees To Speak English? | HR Compliance Video Preview

Can You Require Employees To Speak English?

Does your company have “English Only Work Rules”? Do you think it should be legal for an employer to require employees to speak English while on the job? This story may surprise you.

Working with Different Generations | HR Compliance Video Preview

What Happens if My Employee Fails an Alcohol Test?

When it comes to managing a drug and alcohol-testing program, there’s likely nothing more disappointing than having an employee fail a test. In this video, you’ll learn about what it means to fail a drug test, as well as your obligations as a supervisor when it comes to rules for drug testing.

Recruiting High Achievers | HR Compliance Video Preview

Recruiting High Achievers

Jan Durrans shares a powerful strategy to recruit high achievers in several ways including; identifying characteristics of high performers, completing pre-hire assessments prior to the interview, and achieving consistency in interviews

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