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Evaluating Numeric Survey Data | Business Skills video preview

Evaluating Numeric Survey Data

In order to assess and improve performance, you need information and data. One way to collect this is through surveys. Whether you are polling customers or employees, you need planning, preparation, and some basic knowledge of survey method. This video lesson will help you draw valuable conclusions from your quantitative survey results.

Documenting Your Performance | Business skills video preview

Documenting Your Performance

This series on career advancement will help employees plan and prepare for career milestones. This video lesson focuses on the appraisal process, which is often the first step toward a raise or a promotion. We will explore the purpose of an appraisal, the importance of documenting performance, and how to prepare performance notes for use in an appraisal.

9 Easy Ways to be Smarter Every Day | Business skills video preview

9 Easy Ways to be Smarter Every Day

As part of an ongoing drive to be better every day, this lesson explores actions and habits that we can develop for daily improvement of our mental capacities and readiness. Everyone can get smarter by adding simple habits to the daily routine, and doing so shouldn’t be complicated or stressful.

Lesson 1: Why Etiquette? | Business skills video preview

Lesson 1: Why Etiquette?

This lesson explores why etiquette matters in business today, the concepts of “The How Matters” and “Other People’s Perspectives Matter,” the “3 Goals” and how they can help guide learners toward building better relationships at work, and an example problem illustrating how to use the “3 Goals.”

Recognizing Put-Down Styles | Business skills video preview

Recognizing Put-Down Styles

While the assumption of goodwill must rule every workplace, occasionally you will encounter people who cross the line of respectful discourse, and whose ‘word games’ flirt with the gray area between honest humor, covert aggressiveness and bullying.

Quickwin: Driving Decisions with Ideas | Business skills video preview

Quickwin: Driving Decisions with Ideas

In this short video lesson, employees, managers and supervisors will learn clever techniques that will help them prioritize next steps and create action in brainstorming sessions.

Why You Need Input and Feedback | Business skills video preview

Why You Need Input and Feedback

In this video lesson, employees will learn about both types of customer interaction – input and feedback, and also the importance of getting information from ALL customers, the correct way.

How to Manage Your Credit Cards | Business Skills video preview

How to Manage Your Credit Cards

Debt is the part of financial wellness that no one likes to talk about. Although you might think you’re the only one facing this problem, you’re not alone. Furthermore, there are steps you can take to get control. This course explores the initial steps.

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