Employee Spotlight

Meet Our New Content Library Product Manager, Kristin Geen

Kristin Geen Product Manager The BizLibrary Collection

Kristin joined BizLibrary in October 2017. She is responsible for ensuring overall quality, currency, and relevance of The BizLibrary Collection. Her team produces and maintains BizLibrary-owned video-based content, as well as partners with strong external producers to provide needed third-party content.

Where are you from?

St. Louis (Hazelwood East)

How did you end up at BizLibrary?

I wanted a big change and to learn a new industry within the context of product management.

Tell us a bit about your background.

Prior to joining BizLibrary, I worked at Elsevier, an STM and health sciences publishing company, for 22 years. I started out as a college intern and left as a content strategy director. While there, I worked with (and for) some great people, and acquired a super-nerdy obsession with content organizational structures, metadata, and other exciting stuff.

What’s your favorite part of working at BizLibrary?

Really awesome people, an 8-minute commute, the popcorn, and – as it happens – I love the product itself.

Describe yourself in three words.

Serious, yet not.

Who would play you in a movie about yourself?

Tina Fey.

Why is employee training important to you?

It’s time well spent – it’s truly investing in yourself and your own success in both current and future roles. In short, lifelong learning means a better quality of life.

Learn more about the content library Kristin manages, The BizLibrary Collection, which contains over 7,000 video-based lessons and courses!

Training & Development Industry Researcher | Krista researches, analyzes, and writes about the impacts of employee learning on organizations and individuals. She looks at the industry shifts and trends that matter to L&D and HR professionals, and helps them understand how to create better training programs that grow their employees and their business.