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Transforming a Company Culture 

Teel Plastics is a Wisconsin-based plastic products manufacturer, originally founded in 1951. Teel has a variety of legislative safety requirements, and like many manufacturers, keeping production aligned with demand for product has been a challenge.

In 2013, the company recognized a need to modernize their training program, and at the request of program manager DeeAnna Deane, brought on the BizLibrary Learning Management System and The BizLibrary Collection.

This organization, though rooted in tradition, is constantly expanding. DeeAnna and the training program have truly been a catalyst for change within the organization, and BizLibrary has helped to transform Teel Plastics’ employee experience, from onboarding to improving ongoing processes.

The first challenge they looked to solve was to decrease paper processes. As part of ISO-9000 requirements, employees need to be made aware immediately when changes to ISO documents are made. This used to be done by distributing paper copies and a sheet to sign, showing completion. It was a wasteful process and proved to be a challenge even making sure the papers didn’t get lost in a large organization.

Now, using features within the BizLibrary LMS, employees are made aware upon login and are easily updated on any changed or new documentation.

This made an immediate impact on the organization – when ISO audits occurred, DeeAnna was able to quickly show training records to auditors – making a once tedious process completely painless.

Overcoming Challenges with BizLibrary’s Solutions

In addition to ISO-9000 certification, Teel Plastics is faced with a myriad of required certifications, including forklift driving, OSHA certifications, and various business certifications. By using BizLibrary’s on-demand video courses, Teel Plastics is not only able to quickly and efficiently deliver the right training, but also get reminders when recertifications are due.

This saves considerable time and effort for DeeAnna, as she is able to focus her efforts on more important tasks, knowing that reminders and recertification tracking are automated through BizLibrary.

“Our safety department uses BizLibrary for a number of segments… It’s all laid out really easily in the BizLibrary LMS, and we get reminders two or three years later whenever the certification ends.” – DeeAnna Deane

Additionally, DeeAnna recognized the impact her training program could have through a combination of BizLibrary’s off-the-shelf content and custom content that she can easily upload to the BizLibrary LMS. With this capability, Teel Plastics is able to offer training on lean manufacturing and other specific techniques, which DeeAnna reports has saved the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars through process improvements.

Content That Employees Embrace

When we asked DeeAnna what she loved about The BizLibrary Collection, she told us that the breadth of content means every topic she needs is available. This variety of off-the-shelf content, along with the LMS’ ability to easily upload custom content, means DeeAnna never has trouble delivering the right content for employees to improve their skills.

“I always mention to our people at orientation that there are all these courses out there for them, free to them to use for their own personal enrichment whenever they’d like.” – DeeAnna Deane

Her employees appreciate that training is short yet effective, meaning they’re given new information that will help them deliver results faster, without having a major impact on the amount of time they spend on the floor. This has reduced the time required for training and keeps Teel Plastics productive.

Dramatic Business Results

Teel Plastics is growing continuously, and by using features in the BizLibrary LMS, DeeAnna is able to keep up with that growth. New employees are taught processes faster, and DeeAnna says her training program, augmented by BizLibrary, has been invaluable to the success of Teel Plastics.

“Our business is growing all the time, and we need to keep up with that, so we use all of the functionality of our BizLibrary LMS whenever we can to keep up with changes in our business.” – DeeAnna Deane

Finally, since focusing on developing more competitive advantages, Teel has recently been able to add ISO-13485 certifications, diversifying the business by allowing Teel to manufacture custom medical devices for clients. This latest change, along with the training program, has put Teel in a position to grow their long-standing business even faster!

Client: Teel Plastics

Industry: Manufacturing

Top challenges: Compliance, Agility

About: Teel Plastics’ business focuses on technology driven products and exciting new markets with unique product families. Custom products for the healthcare sector focus on personal hygiene, medical packaging, flexible PVC tubing, medical device components, and cosmetic pencils.  Industrial products include water treatment, automotive, converting cores, pipe, and packaging. The Laboratory Sampling Products Division continues to develop innovative sampling bag products for new customer uses. In addition, Teel manufactures custom compounds and does custom compounding.