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MFA Incorporated came to BizLibrary to help build a training program from the bottom up. Program manager Jessica Kueffer knew she faced an uphill battle, as the organization needed to enroll 1,700 employees onto the BizLibrary platform!

Through a combination of Jessica’s hard work to prepare her workforce, and BizLibrary’s strategic partnership, the program was fully operational within 140 days!

A smooth launch spring-boarded into an effective employee training program. Jessica tells us that employees love BizLibrary’s microlearning content:

“Sending them lessons that are four, five, or six minutes long helps us portray a message. And the videos are trendy. They are taught by real people, and that helps our learners take home the message much stronger!”

A Strategic Partnership to Overcome Challenges

MFA Inc. relies on training for several reasons, among them is compliance. Because of the nature of their business, there are additional regulations put on MFA Inc. that forces them to train and track certain procedures.

Jessica worked with her Client Success Manager to identify content that would help overcome those challenges, and when Jessica noted a small gap in BizLIbrary’s collection of over 8,000 microlearning titles, she was delighted to discover that the right courses were added to the library at no cost to her.

Her employees have also embraced the employee training program. Despite a massive workforce with over 1,700 employees, Jessica is happy to report that over 75% of her employees are regularly logging into her LMS and taking important courses provided by BizLibrary.

Making a Difference in the Workplace

Jessica tells us, “We’re able to see our exact learners take the courses that we have and apply them directly to their roles. One of the roles where we see this most frequently is in our bookkeeper role. We have multiple retail locations spread throughout Missouri, and we have folks in this bookkeeping role that don’t necessarily have accounting backgrounds, or the right Excel skills.”

By offering courses through BizLibrary, Jessica has been able to overcome this skill gap by providing individualized training that helped her bookkeepers understand their roles more completely, and use the tools, like Excel, to deliver objectives on time and with more accuracy!

Another challenge that MFA faced was with their business’ agility.

“Change is certainly one of our challenges. We’re not an organization that is quick to adapt, because we’ve been around for 100 years. We have tried and true methods that people believe in.”

But Jessica and MFA Inc.’s leadership team recognized a need to rebuild their culture around the dedication to excellence.

Jessica has successfully used her training program as a vehicle to spread that message:

“BizLibrary has helped us focus on these challenges by allowing us to share our message for culture. It’s a way for us to share our message of who we’re serving, how we’re serving them, and teach the best way to build relationships with our clients. And BizLibrary has helped us build that culture that we’re so passionate about.”

Client: MFA Inc.

Industry: Agriculture

Top challenges: Dispersed Workforce, Agility

About: MFA Incorporated is a farmer-owned cooperative located in the mid-west. With traditions dating back to 1914, the cooperative is built to serve farmers in agronomy and livestock. The organization’s 1700 employees are spread throughout Missouri, southern Iowa, eastern Kansas, and northern Arkansas. The organization utilizes both wholesale and retail operations to uphold one purpose… keep farmers farming. The organization’s mission is to generate profitable growth by empowering employees to provide value-added products, services and expertise for the benefit of their member-owners.