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Hospital Central Services, Inc. & Affiliates (HCSC) has provided its partners with innovative healthcare solutions for more than 40 years. Healthcare facilities of all sizes utilize their diverse programs and services.

HCSC has multiple divisions, and a consistent training program is key for success of it’s employees. Judy Hunter, Director of Human Resources and Talent Management, recognized that their previous training program was lacking a cohesive strategy. They previously relied on classroom training, but this model had become inefficient due to their dispersed workforce. Some divisions also had a need for regulatory compliance training, so consistency and engagement became a priority for HCSC.

HCSC partnered with BizLibrary in 2017 to provide a fresh start to their learning and development efforts.

Engaging Solutions

HCSC needed a revamp to their training program, and engaging content was a must during their search for an online learning partner. When asked what drove their decision Judy states, “We chose BizLibrary because of the wide variety of videos they had, and the customer service that we received when we were going through the process of choosing our library.”

They also appreciated that the content is regularly updated by BizLibrary. Because of their dispersed workforce, the ability to access the content on any device with an internet connection allows all their learners to receive the same opportunity to develop.

Training That Makes A Difference

After completing the implementation process quickly and seamlessly, Judy was able to work in harmony with her client success manager to create a program that addressed their unique needs.

Improving customer service skills was one of the main reasons for reconstructing their training program. One of HCSC’s divisions is a community blood center that brings in many volunteer blood donors. The number of donors that return to donate blood are directly linked to the way they are treated by HCSC staff during their visit. To track this behavior, HCSC sends out surveys to their participating donors to rate the level of customer service they received. Through utilization of BizLibrary’s training content, a notable improvement was seen in the results of their surveys.

“The first quarter of the year we had 49 complaints. By the last quarter, we reduced that 90% by 4 complaints about how our staff treated them.” – Judy Hunter

Not only is the focus for HCSC to improve customer service, but to develop the way they communicate internally with fellow staff members. Judy started a new program in her division titled, “Leadership 101”. The goal of this new program is to develop the lead team in the collections department through a blended learning approach. Judy was able to find content on not only leadership, but also how to develop a coaching mentality. The focus on coaching has her employees talking about training in a whole new light!

“Never before have I actually done training where I have had individuals come up and thank me for the training that I have provided them.”
– Judy Hunter

Client: Hospital Central Services, Inc. & Affiliates

Industry:  Hospital & Health Care

Top challenges:  Client Retention

About: Hospital Central Services, Inc. & Affiliates (HCSC) has provided its partners with innovative healthcare solutions for more than 40 years. Healthcare facilities of all sizes utilize their diverse programs and services.