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New Challenges for a Growing Organization

In recent years, Club Fit has seen new competition and industry changes that made them shift focus to adapt to those changes. This included trying to meet the digital age with a multi-generational staff (ranging in ages from 17 to 88 years old) and combating turnover with their part-time workforce, while still providing exceptional customer service.

The first challenge they recognized was knowing they needed to provide customer service training, tools, and knowledge to all staff – no matter their work schedule or shift, which many times included late nights and weekends.

Next, the issues of high turnover and employee discipline needed to be tackled. Along with high turnover, employees were being promoted at a rapid rate to fill the empty positions.

This brought up an additional challenge of new managers being put in positions without the proper training or instruction on how to lead a team. Human resources knew they needed a way to provide tools, skills, and knowledge to make managers more self-sufficient. They also needed to understand how to hire, retain, and discipline staff without the hands-on guidance of HR.

Overcoming these challenges was a priority for the organization, so they began looking for ways to provide this training and support to managers and employees across the organization – which is what led them to BizLibrary.

Multiple Challenges with One Solution

BizLibrary helped Club Fit to face their challenges head on. After working with the BizLibrary Client Success team on a successful program launch, they gave managers full access to The BizLibrary Collection so managers could search and see all the tools that were available to them, whenever they needed to use them.

Next, Club Fit began converting internal trainings to be available in the BizLibrary learning platform, which has helped with the delivery of training. But simply providing resources to the employees was just step one.

From there, they began tackling each of their challenges through learning and development opportunities.

To ensure customer service expectations were being communicated consistently and effectively, customer service training videos were added to the new employee onboarding program. Providing this training during orientation revamped the way the organization talked about customer service and set expectations from day one of an employee’s tenure.

Club Fit continued to monitor overall customer satisfaction scores to track their improvement and the effectiveness of this training.

To provide additional support to managers, Club Fit created a training calendar to cover each of the important topics managers expressed interest in during interviews and feedback sessions. They decided to focus on employee retention, hiring and retaining talent, and discipline and termination procedures.

With this training, they are focusing on not only how to ask the right questions and be an effective leader, but also how factors such as tone can impact employees and make a staff member feel appreciated.

Seeing Significant Results

Within the first year of the program, Club Fit is already seeing the benefits of investing in their team members, culture, and service expectations. Now, managers have begun setting individual goals for staff to reach though the year and utilizing training videos to create individual or team learning plans.

When it comes to customer service, the team’s online reviews have been steadily increasing since introducing the training, all the way to a 9.0 out of 10.0! These scores have stayed consistently higher than they were prior to introducing the customer service and manager training.

Even with this success, it is the impact on individuals that is proving to be where the company is seeing a return.

For example, one membership representative was on a performance improvement plan due to poor selling. She was given individual coaching from her manager and was assigned training videos to help her improve her selling skills. One week after completing the training she was able to finish the week with triple the amount of sales from the previous month – and she continues to be a top performer!

Client: Club Fit

Industry: Health and Wellness

Top challenges: Customer Service, Employee Retention

About: Club Fit is a health, wellness, and fitness club promoting a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. For more than 30 years, Club Fit has offered comprehensive health and fitness facilities and programming to enhance quality of life and physical well-being for community members of all ages. Founded in 1973, Club Fit presently operates clubs in Briarcliff and Jefferson Valley, NY, serving more than 10,000 members and their guests. Their core values are: deliver genuine hospitality, show attention to detail, embrace the neighborhood, and care about members’ well-being.