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QS/1 Data Systems: BizLibrary Client of the Month

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QS/1  Data Systems provides products, services and support to a variety of healthcare providers with a primary focus on providing the industry’s best pharmacy management software for community pharmacies, chain pharmacies, long-term care pharmacies and home medical equipment providers.

QS/1 has been partnered with BizLibrary since 2011. They are currently utilizing The BizLibrary Learning Portal platform and The BizLibrary Collection.

Previous Training Plans

Program manager Brandon Gibson joined QS/1 in July 2016. Prior to this, the BizLibrary training program had primarily been used for annual HIPAA compliance and elective usage. Employees were required to make an external training request in order to view any elective training, to be tracked towards their 40 hour yearly training requirement.

The New Training Plan

In Q3 & Q4 of 2016, Brandon began working on a yearly training plan to be approved by senior leadership for 2017. This program includes a combination of required compliance and elective soft skills and desktop skills lessons. He also worked with managers to determine required needs for each team.

During this time, Brandon also worked to create a monthly communication piece sent to all employees of QS/1.

Seeing Results

Brandon’s ability to push past compliance and create a truly blended training program has led to significant results. He has increased the QS/1 client score by 25 points. He has increased average participation rates from under 10% in 2016 to over 80% in 2017. This increase in utilization has reduced the 90-day course value to under $1 for the first time ever!

The results that Brandon has been able to achieve through dedication to improving employee training have earned QS/1 Data Systems the title of BizLibrary Client of the Month! Fantastic work, Brandon!

Brandon Gibson is a confirmed presenter at the ALIGN 2017 Conference, and will be presenting additional detail on how he has increased training ROI for QS/1 by moving beyond compliance.

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Chief Customer Officer at BizLibrary | Shannon has been with BizLibrary since August of 2003 and has succeeded in multiple roles working with clients to improve their training programs, and improving organizational processes. Shannon has been recognized as a Top 100 Customer Success Influencer by MindTouch and a Customer Success A-Lister by Amity.