Client Spotlight

10 Years of Training with INX International

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INX International Ink Co. first partnered with BizLibrary in 2008. Through the partnership, they’ve been able to offer engaging compliance training and a way for employees and leaders to improve their skills.

Hear from their Director of HR, Heather Seville, how INX has built an environment where employees can advance their careers, and how training and development contributes to high employee retention.

Tell us a little about INX.

We are an industry leader offering a full line of ink & coating solutions technology for commercial, packaging and digital print applications. Our product solutions focus on metal decorating, flexographic, gravure, web offset, lamination, corrugated, sheetfed, inkjet and UV/EB inks and coatings.

As a leading global manufacturer of inkjet inks, we offer a full palette of digital ink systems and integration technologies, including the development of inkjet printers.

You see our ink everywhere – beer and beverage cans, catalogs and magazines, and many items in the grocery store.

Tell us about your training program.

We work with BizLibrary for compliance-based training, and we encourage managers to use it as an on-demand resource for leadership, business, and management skills.

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What are your job responsibilities?

I help the company by making sure that we treat employees fairly.

I am involved with many areas of HR, including recruiting and hiring, performance appraisals, job descriptions, Affirmative Action compliance, helping managers with difficult conversations, discipline, investigations, terminations, and employee development.

What are your goals for training this year?

In the next 12 months, we’ll use the BizLibrary site for voluntary management and professional skills training, diversity training for managers, and harassment training for California supervisors and New York employees.

Although we do have compliance targets, my bigger goal is for managers to use BizLibrary as a resource to help them with new or difficult situations they encounter.

What do you love about your organization?

I’ve stayed at INX for 19 years because it’s a great place to build a career. Nearly every executive in the company started in a non-exempt role, our average employee has been with the company 13+ years, and our top recruiting source is employee referrals.

Those facts speak volumes about the type of company INX is, and how it treats its employees.

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What do you love most about partnering with BizLibrary?

I love that learners have unlimited access to thousands of courses that are being updated constantly.

Also, handling the online training site is a small part of my job, so I appreciate that learners can enroll themselves in courses any time the need arises.

What advice would you give a new HR or L&D professional trying to build their training program?

The best thing I did was agree to monthly check-in calls with my Client Success Consultant.

I’ll admit, I was initially reluctant because it’s possible to “set it and forget it” from an administrator standpoint; once a learner is enrolled, he or she can search for and choose courses at any time without my help.

However, the calls keep me up-to-date on the platform, and they motivate me to send out emails to the learners to highlight a particular topic or series that might be helpful to them. Those monthly training “ads” have really boosted the voluntary use of the site.

Download this free infographic to see how this kind of partnership can help you reach your training goals!