Client Spotlight

How Etech Global Services Develops Servant Leaders

Etech began their partnership with BizLibrary in late 2018. They’re dedicated to investing in the leaders of today and transforming new leaders of tomorrow, all while building an organizational culture that lives their values.

Melissa Wood is the Dean of Global Leadership Development with Etech, and her mission is to guide, develop, and influence Etech leaders by building a holistic servant leadership culture and providing them with customized leadership development solutions. 

Here’s what Melissa had to say about Etech and their training program!

Tell us a little about Etech.

Etech is a servant leader organization providing superior customer experiences and innovative solutions which enable our clients to build stronger brands, strengthen customer relationships, and gain market share.

What do you love about your organization?

Our behaviors match our actions! I personally believe we have some of the most talented and passionate leaders in the world. Each day I am impressed with the creativity, compassion, and joy each have for their job! These leaders are intentional about living our values. If any company could bottle up “adaptability,” it would be this team.

Putting the needs of others first through living our Character Commitments is what we strive to do. Our path is clear. Plus….we just have some genuine, authentic fun!

Tell us about your training program.

We serve! Simply serve.

We teach leadership skills through service; job titles are out and skill sets are in. Our leadership development programs pour into the lives of our leaders and future leaders. We offer cutting edge programs tailored in key pillars of education, targeting today’s needs and the challenges of tomorrow.

What are your goals for training this year?

  1. Provide leadership development solutions that are specifically supporting Etech organizational key imperatives.
  2. Keep a pulse on fluid changes and be prepared to proactively pivot to meet the changes within the organization.

What do you love most about partnering with BizLibrary?

Imagine your favorite coffee shop calls you and says, “We will serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week – anywhere you need us we’re there!” Wow! BizLibrary is more than that – it’s like ice cream and coffee all wrapped up in one!

BizLibrary is like coffee in our pocket, an on-demand resource available anytime, anywhere, meeting the needs we know we have today and educating us on the skills we will need tomorrow!

What advice would you give a new HR or L&D professional trying to build their training program?

Know the vision of the culture of the organization. You must see the future to know where you are going.

Align some key pillars of education that will be a foundation supporting the vision of the company. You must then cultivate a mindset of never-ending focus of improvement in all pillars.

Skill leaders to effectively balance heart and mind leadership. Your programs must produce talent that understands balance in both people and performance.

Live the values you are pouring into others! You can not be a beacon to the leadership team if they can not see your light.

Could the right training partner help you ramp up your program and see better results? Check out this infographic to learn what a partnership can do for you!

Chief Customer Officer at BizLibrary | Shannon has been with BizLibrary since August of 2003 and has succeeded in multiple roles working with clients to improve their training programs, and improving organizational processes. Shannon has been recognized as a Top 100 Customer Success Influencer by MindTouch and a Customer Success A-Lister by Amity.