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Consumers Credit Union: BizLibrary Client of the Month

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Consumers Credit Union is a mid-sized not-for-profit credit union with approximately 280 employees. Development of their employees, both new and existing, is one of their top priorities as an organization.

Their company goals champion “growth through culture and performance,” which they achieve through a combination of in-class learning and eLearning courses that are tailored to several growth areas, including, but not limited to:

  • New hire onboarding knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Loan training
  • Empathy training
  • Public speaking
  • Train the trainer courses

Aligning training to business challenges

The demands on employees in their roles can be incredibly hard to predict due to the variance in member flow. This is the number one obstacle to overcome, and why it’s so important to allow flexibility for employees to access training when there is down time or freedom in their schedule.

BizLibrary provides a perfect solution by giving employees access to training on demand, and having a large stock of microlearning videos that are less than 10 minutes. They are easy to work into a busy day and relevant to each employee’s individual professional development.

In addition to using BizLibrary for eLearning training purposes, all of the Consumers Credit Union classroom courses and custom content are housed within the BizLibrary platform. It’s their one-stop shop for training! Employees can sign in to watch an eLearning video, register for their next training class, look at a custom eMagazine, and take quizzes and surveys – all from within their customized BizLibrary site!

Keeping training engaging and effective is an uphill climb. BizLibrary’s innovative platform and video streaming-style learning gives Consumers Credit Union the opportunity to appeal to the adult learning style of 24/7 access and a microlearning format. Their employees appreciate small chunks of learning that can be broken up and completed on a very convenient platform.

Searchable content lets employees drive their own success and enables each person to develop skills that most appeal to them and their growth. They also utilize the playlist feature and develop customized playlists monthly to engage employees in new initiatives and continued education.

Finally, the ability to get real-time reporting to assess progress at any time was also a big win for Consumers Credit Union’s training department. This has saved time and allowed them to assess gaps in knowledge quickly and easily. Easily creating customized surveys and assigning them to classes has been instrumental in assessing the strengths and weaknesses in classroom sessions and continues to provide them with ways to better themselves as the Training and Development Department.

Overall, their business challenge was to find an innovative learning platform that would give employees flexibility through thousands of videos on relevant topics that are appealing to their needs. BizLibrary has proven to be the perfect platform for meeting those needs while remaining cost effective.

The proof is in their results. The industry average for Overall Satisfaction with credit union training in 2016 was a 3.64/5. By utilizing BizLibrary as their go-to training platform, the 2016 Consumers Credit Union results not only surpassed their 2015 metrics, but blew away the industry standard as they achieved a rating of a 4.22/5.

Measuring Results

They use the Kirkpatrick Model for measuring the success of their training programs, utilizing all 4 levels – from how the learner feels about the training provided, to the business results acquired by the organization for individual in-class sessions and certifications. They seek feedback regularly and are constantly using this information to improve their program.

The return on investment is also determined by individual training programs. For example, they have recently reduced their cost of onboarding a group of 10 new hires from $3000 to $1000 per new hire. They are also able to assign BizLibrary content as pre-learning for many of their classroom sessions, which has helped to cut training time and costs, and improve retention and preparedness for learning.

Consumers Credit Union is dedicated to building a training program that values employees’ engagement and individual development, and their methods are proving successful through quantifiable results – these accomplishments make them the BizLibrary Client of the Month! Congratulations!

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Chief Customer Officer at BizLibrary | Shannon has been with BizLibrary since August of 2003 and has succeeded in multiple roles working with clients to improve their training programs, and improving organizational processes. Shannon has been recognized as a Top 100 Customer Success Influencer by MindTouch and a Customer Success A-Lister by Amity.