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How AA Munro Insurance Brokers Inc. Is Building Business Skills

A.A. Munro employees

AA Munro Insurance first partnered with BizLibrary in 2014. Through the partnership, they’ve been able to offer new opportunities for team members to develop a wide variety of business skills.

Staff Development Manager, Tracey LaTulippe, provides the AA Munro staff with personal and professional development programs, along with system workflow training. Hear from Tracey how they’re working to expand their training initiatives!

Tell us a little about AA Munro Insurance Brokers.

We are a community-based, premiere insurance brokerage protecting the material well-being of Atlantic Canadians in an ethical manner through well-trained, highly motivated insurance specialists.

Tell us about your training program.

We encourage training of all types. Professional licensing, certifications, university, as well as informal training from our insurance partners and industry seminars.

There is no “mandatory” training; all training is self-directed by each individual. We feel that each person is driven by their own goals and stages in their life and career.

By providing a variety of resources, our team can expand their knowledge in whatever direction they feel they need to enhance their life, thus making them more satisfied in their day-to-day work and home life. Whether it be a new member learning our system and beginning their insurance career, or those experienced members looking forward to new stages of their life and career, we want to provide training options suitable for everyone!

A.A. Munro employees

What are your goals for training this year?

We have several goals for training in 2019. The first is to continue providing a wide variety of options to our learners for personal and professional development. We plan to utilize BizLibrary resources more for classroom and external training, reporting, and budgeting, and also to include specialized training related to our broker management system.

We are building leadership training plans to help our managers inspire and motivate their teams, along with sales and relationship training plans to help our team members build stronger connections with each other and their clients.

As the staff development manager, I don’t often think to take time out for my own personal development, which I know is so important to individual growth. I’ve found that the work I’m doing with building these programs has allowed me to find resources and take time to dive in and continue with my own personal development.

What do you love about your organization?

I love our community involvement. Working within the communities we serve allows us to get to know our clients better. We participate in many worthwhile community events and fundraisers, like our annual fire hall contest that provides much needed support to our local fire halls for equipment upgrades.

The forward thinking of AA Munro allows each member to take ownership of their day. This plays a critical role in the decision making that creates efficiencies and enhances the growth and development of our organization. After all, who knows better how to improve things than the people who deal with the daily challenges?

And I love that we have a lot of fun! We often get together for some friendly competition, or to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and the great organization we are so blessed to be involved with.

A.A. Munro employees

What do you love most about partnering with BizLibrary?

BizLibrary allows us to expand beyond the normal day-to-day training that’s required to operate our brokerage. The resources allow our members to find options they would not otherwise have available to them, and since BizLibrary’s content is available in bite-sized pieces, it’s so much easier to fit into an already busy day.

We find a lot of value in the courses on business and soft skills, like improving your communication skills, understanding more about social media, learning to become a better leader, and becoming better at managing personal finances. BizLibrary has opened up so many options for growth and development to our team members.

What advice would you give a new HR or L&D professional trying to build their training program?

Utilize the resources BizLibrary provides; the client success team has always been there to help us work toward our goals.

Also, do a marketing campaign for your training program! Highlight one or two courses each time you promote your program. This increases the awareness of what is available for team members. There are so many courses available that your learners may not know where to begin, so giving them suggestions can be helpful. Once your learners start to access courses, they will be back for more!

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