Yanny, Laurel, and Conflict Resolution

You probably thought you were done hearing about Yanny/Laurel by now. You were probably hoping that you were.

Well, while you hear yourself saying “please no more of this, I thought it was over,” what we heard was “Please teach me how to resolve conflict in my workplace using the Yanny/Laurel controversy as a metaphor.”

We must have been hearing that at different tonal frequencies.

Anyways, as you probably well know by now, on May 14th, a full nine days ago, a twitter user named Cloe Feldman unleashed chaos on the American people by uploading a clip of a robotic-sounding voice repeating the word “Laurel,” or the word “Yanny,” depending on who you ask.

Basically, it was the sonic version of the white/gold, blue/black dress controversy that dominated the news cycle for a few days in 2015.

Naturally, after hearing the sound clip, the American public reacted quite rationally. Let’s take a look.

Okay, that’s not quite what we were expecting, let’s see if there are more levelled responses on social media.

Okay, maybe turning to social media for rational responses was a bad idea. Let’s see how things went in the workplace instead:

Alright then, it turns out we probably should talk about conflict resolution. Who saw that coming?

Luckily, here at BizLibrary, we have access to a large collection of engaging, modern learning content. We turned to one of our favorite producer-partners, Mr. Jeff Havens, to figure out how we could all make peace in our new post-Laurel/Yanny reality.

Here’s a one-minute preview of one of the many videos on conflict resolution from The BizLibrary Collection:

Along with tons of videos, we also have a guide that managers can use to improve their skills in mitigating conflict in the workplace. Check out this free guide for six techniques to resolve any conflict!

Regardless of what you hear, let’s all agree that this is the only real solution to this particular conflict:


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