Microsoft Project 2016: 10 Cool Shortcuts to Make You More Efficient

Working in Microsoft Project 2016 video lesson

For project managers using Microsoft Project 2016, the new updates can make workflow simpler and more efficient, allowing less time spent on inputting information and more time getting things done.

Here are 10 shortcuts that can drastically cut down the time it takes to navigate your tasks in Project 2016.

Get Faster with Project 2016:

  1. From Gantt Chart view, double-click any task in the project to open the task information dialog box, to find all the information related to that task.
  2. From any resource sheet view, double-click a resource name to see contact information, availability, cost rates, and notes.
  3. Right-click any task to display a menu of options
  4. Use keystrokes to hide a sub-task: press Alt + Shift + Hyphen
  5. To show sub-tasks: press Alt + Shift + Plus
  6. When creating a work breakdown structure, instead of selecting all the tasks you want to work with and indenting or outdenting them, you can select them all and press Alt + Shift + Right Arrow to indent, or Alt + Shift + Left Arrow to outdent.
  7. For tasks in a series with the same resource or duration, you can enter the duration of the topmost task in the list, select the rest of the tasks, then press Ctrl + D. Project will fill down the resource or duration to the rest of the selected tasks.
  8. Use the Alt key to navigate left or right through the timescale of the project: Press Alt + Right Arrow or Alt + Left Arrow.
  9. To see a big picture view of the project, press Ctrl + Slash. This will show incrementally larger timescale units.
  10. To find information quickly anywhere within the project, press Ctrl + F to open the Quick Find dialog box.

To see exactly how to implement these 10 tips, check out the video preview below for step-by-step instructions. The full Project 2016 video lesson, along with many others on Microsoft Office 2016 software training are available in The BizLibrary Collection.

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