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5 Signs That Your Training Content Is Behind the Times

There have been a lot of improvements over the years when it comes to training content, which is quite fortunate. There have been some rough patches in the history of training videos, including an infamous video from Wendy’s titled “Chili Can be Served With Cheese.”

Yes, a company invested time into writing, singing, recording, mixing, and shooting a music video to help new employees understand that chili can indeed be served with cheese.

Even if your training content isn’t quite that bad, there’s a chance that you’re still using outdated content. As times change and on-demand learning becomes more and more crucial for employee development, we thought we’d point out five reasons that it may be time to move on from your old training videos.

The actors look like this:

justin timberlake ramen hair GIF

The reason you conduct training in the first place is that you want employees to learn the policies, nuances, and skills needed to succeed in their position.

That’s hard to do when the actors’ and actresses’ appearances reflect decades past, distracting learners from the content. If you think employees aren’t learning enough because they’re busy laughing at the fashion mistakes of the 90s, it might be time to invest in new training content.

Your training content looks like this:

If you have to flip through a binder, track down a file, or hand someone a stack of paper, then it’s probably time to upgrade. Did you know that studies show 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words?

If you need more information on why video training is simply better, check out this free infographic!

Coordinating training schedules leaves you feeling like this:

stressed always sunny GIF

If it takes you a long time to coordinate when training occurs, and you have to speak with several people to free up an employee’s time, then it’s a sign your training is rather inefficient.

On-demand training means employees can engage in learning when their schedule allows, meaning all you have to do is assign content and set a due date. Hanging on to your outdated content is not worth the stress! For more on this topic, check out our free ebook, The Complete Guide to On-demand Employee Training!

Your employees react this way when it’s time to do compliance training:

New Girl Ugh GIF

We’ll concede that it’s hard to make mandatory training enjoyable, which is why we’re so fond of elective learning.

But it doesn’t have to be something employees suffer through. Microlearning videos are concise and make it easy to retain information. Plus, videos produced in this decade often offer higher production value, which makes the content more engaging and watchable.

Your LMS is a VHS:

retro fbi warning GIF

If you’re getting angry at your colleagues for not rewinding their training content, it’s time to go digital. We asserted earlier that pen and paper is outdated, but somehow a VHS remains even more outdated. Get online. Your employees will thank you!

While considering updating your training content, be sure to check out our free infographic, “9 Questions You Should Ask When Selecting a Training Content Provider”

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