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presentation skills and mistakes image
6 min

How to Avoid 4 Common Mistakes when Presenting

Often people with subject matter expertise have great difficulty in presenting to a group, even though...
great customer service
3 min

Great Customer Service Skills That Every Employee Needs

Customer service can be a difficult skill to master, but at its core, it’s really pretty...
BizLibrary Values Freedom to Fail
3 min

Freedom to Fail: How to Foster Innovation

While encouraging failure seems counter-intuitive, giving ourselves and others the freedom to take chances and learn...
Why Training Matters blog post
4 min

Why Training Matters in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

How are you preparing your organization and your employees for tomorrow’s needs? As machines have displaced...
performance reviews: 5 steps blog post
3 min

5 Easy Steps to Conduct Successful Performance Reviews

Learn 5 things you can do before performance reviews to ease your mind and prepare you...
office gossip blog post
4 min

Workplace Harassment: The Gray Zone of Put-Downs vs. Communications

In this day and age, bullying is an important topic. But there’s a big gray area...
Stay Interviews blog post
3 min

Stay Interviews: 5 Essential Skills

You’ve heard of exit interviews, those somewhat awkward meetings where an employee on their way out...
Safety Training PPE blog
2 min

Safety Training: What You Need to Know About PPE

When it comes to compliance and safety training, are you aware of legal standards? If not,...
Ergonomics at work
4 min

Ergonomics Training: 10 Tips to Avoid Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Workplace

For some quick tips to help you and your employees pay more attention to everyday safety...
4 min

Understanding DISC

The world of personality-type indicator tests can be vast and confusing. While we know these tests...