Author: Erin Boettge

Guest Contributor | Erin researches and writes on a variety of business topics, including workplace dynamics, HR strategies, and training trends and technology.


Give Your Employees a Reason to Learn Every Season

Reason for Learning Every Season eBook cover

As the manager of your online training program, you likely spend a significant amount of time thinking about how to increase overall participation to ensure impact, value, and return on investment. What is often most challenging and yet most important is marketing and awareness. It’s time to give your employees a reason to learn every season.

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Employee Development

Why Training Matters in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Why Training Matters blog post

How are you preparing your organization and your employees for tomorrow’s needs? As machines have displaced people in many factories and the market has become more competitive than ever, soft skills and competencies are becoming the standout traits that land people jobs and grow businesses. But is it even possible to keep up in what’s been described as “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”?

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Stay Interviews: 5 Essential Skills

Stay Interviews blog post

You’ve heard of exit interviews, those somewhat awkward meetings where an employee on their way out the door tells you what you did wrong and why they’re leaving. But what if you could do something simple that could help you avoid that situation? That’s how the concept of the Stay Interview was developed.

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