The Most Inspiring Tale of Perseverance the Internet Has Ever Witnessed

**Record Scratch**

**Freeze Frame**

Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up on this window ledge, hundreds of feet in the air. Well, it all started when I saw a 25 story building with a rough surface that my little raccoon claws could climb.

Just look at that building! How could I be expected to resist?! Sure, it’s tall, but those windows are shiny!

So I began my ascent, foot by foot, determined to reach the top.

There I am. It was super easy to climb up; climbing down proved to be more difficult.

Since I couldn’t climb down, I really only had one logical choice: keep going up.

As it happens, 25 stories are a lot higher up than I had originally calculated. By the time I got to floor 23, I was wiped! Not only that, but I hadn’t eaten or drank any water for several hours.

Fortunately, I found a little window ledge where I could rest, and put on my best puppy dog eyes, hoping to sucker the people inside to take pity on me and let me in.

Would you be able to resist this charm?

Well, the employees in that building certainly could. They were full of excuses, like “the windows won’t open!”

Are you kidding me?! Get creative, fellas!

Well Don Draper was out of the office, so once again it was up to me to figure out how to get out of this mess.

I took a little nap, did some grooming, and got started again.

Mind you, at this point I’ve been climbing this building for over 2 days with no food or no water.

No problem for a determined little furry trash panda like me!

You’ll be happy to know that at 2:30 am, I made it to the top of the building, where there was a delicious meal of soft cat food for me.

I didn’t hate the cat food, but it was served inside a live trap.

I’ve eaten at worse places.

Some rescue workers brought me down to ground level, and I’m happy to say that I’m at a wildlife rehabilitation center, basking in my new fame and de-stressing. Life is good!

Now a lot of other residents of this rehab center are asking me questions like, “Trash Panda, was it worth it?”

Of course! Look at all the people I inspired!

Another question that journalists keep asking is, “Raccoon, where did you learn such incredible perseverance?”

Well, if you want to be like me, and never lose sight of your goals, may I suggest you watch videos like this from The BizLibrary Collection?


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