Gamification is One of the Best Tools in Your Program Marketing Toolbelt

If you ask an elementary student what they think is the best way to influence a classmate, they might respond by telling you to triple dog dare them!

This challenge has been uttered throughout American school hallways for generations, and for good reason: when you want to influence someone’s behavior, it often helps to throw down a challenge.

We understand that getting employees to interact with an online training program can, at times, feel like you’re herding cats.

That’s why we’re excited about gamification, a new feature in our LMS. We think gamification is a great tool to get learners engaging with your training program. Here’s why!

Start a Conversation

In a recent episode of The BizLibrary Podcast, we discussed the strategies behind marketing a training program. One conclusion was that it’s important for your learners to keep your training program top of mind.

Gamification, and competition in general, naturally creates buzz. When employees are having conversations about your training program, that’s a great sign that your program is “winning.”

Using gamification in training is one way to spark more conversations around learning at work.

Throw Down a Challenge

In the 1920s, Governor Al Smith of New York needed to find a new warden to run a notorious New York penitentiary called Sing Sing.

He asked for Lewis E. Lawes, a young warden in New Hampton.

Lawes was hesitant to take the position – most wardens at Sing Sing lasted about three weeks, and there were a lot of political interests tied to the position. Lawes would be under public scrutiny.

When Governor Al Smith saw this hesitation, he said to Lawes, “I don’t blame you for being scared. It’s a tough spot. It’ll take a big man to go up there and stay.”

Smith pulled off the New York Government version of a triple dog dare, and he got exactly what he wanted. Lawes not only took the job, he stayed there for years and went on to sell hundreds of thousands of copies of his memoir 20,000 Years in Sing Sing.

Smith understood one of the tenets of Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People: when all else fails, throw down a challenge.

Gamification is a great tool for training coordinators to use to build excitement for their training program. When used correctly, it can be a feature that helps drive engagement, raises awareness, and increases the performance of your training program.

For a comprehensive look at marketing a training program, be sure to watch our free, on-demand webinar, “Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Employee Training Program.”



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