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Event Network operates stores on behalf of outstanding cultural attractions. Headquartered in San Diego with store locations throughout the United States, Event Network is the leading operator of gift shops for aquariums, museums, science centers, botanical gardens and other highly regarded cultural attractions.  

Creating brand uniformity with a dispersed workforce

With the many challenges presented by a dispersed workforce, one key obstacle that Event Network faced was having onboarding techniques that varied from location to location due to outdated training content. Additionally, there was a need to provide developmental training for store leadership and to develop bench strengths for all employees as Event Network grows.

Recognizing the inconsistency in methods and information, Event Network decided to put various programs and systems of accountability in place to ensure all employees received the same introduction to the company and training experience, and ensure uniformity across the brand.

A multi-faceted approach to training

To reach the wide variety of team members and adjust for learning styles, Event Network put together a multi-faceted approach to their learning program.

They focus on experiential and hands-on learning, facilitated at the store, as well as technology resources such as Skype and GoTo Meetings. They partnered with BizLibrary to create Event Network University (ENU), which is a key component to their learning program, as it provides a centralized location for all customized training resources.

The goal was to have ENU become a 3rd space for knowledge, which means that team members refer to Event Network University frequently to learn something new. The first step taken to achieve this was to move all training related documentation to the ENU site. Team members now have a centralized location to find the most up-to-date information and best practices within the organization. In addition to the company specific information, team members have access to The BizLibrary Collection to address specific developmental needs by location.

To address the onboarding challenge, the program 1-2-3-Floor! was created with the primary goal to extend and elevate the guest experience at partners’ attractions to achieve their maximum retail potential.

Event Network identified learning objectives that included: team members being able to understand the foundation of Event Network culture, explain the Core Values, display knowledge of the guest experience program, compare and contrast features of their location, use store terminology, and execute essential functions of their job role. This four-day program addresses each of these areas before team members event hit the store floor, giving them the foundational knowledge needed to accurately represent the brand on site.

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Recognizing that all this information cannot be taught as a single training event, Event Network put in a series of reinforced post-training opportunities through mentoring, job shadowing, and ongoing coaching.

Marketing the solution for engagement

Event Network recognizes that even with a strong, ongoing program, marketing is still an essential part of the continued success of training. They use various avenues to market the program to all employees.

First, they created marketing campaigns for each season, following a specific theme for the quarter. Examples of such campaigns include “Planting Seeds of Knowledge,” and The Summer Olympics, where participants earned medals for learning. The consistency throughout the season helps employees immediately recognize the materials are for learning and development. But by changing with the seasons, employees remain engaged and interested in the new theme/initiative.

They took it a step further and offered a monthly promotion in which participants can view a featured video series to be entered into a monthly gift card drawing; they’ve had over 100 team members participate in a single month!

Event Network continues to build on the established success of the program year after year, keeping continuous learning a part of developmental conversations. To do this, they have a weekly newsletter and a monthly cultural newsletter that feature ENU. Program manager Angela also hosts both weekly conference calls and individual bi-weekly touch bases to discuss and address any training and development challenges as the need may arise.

Event Network’s ability to address business challenges through training and ongoing marketing efforts have led to consistent LMS usage, resulting in one of the highest Client Scores of all BizLibrary’s clients. This, paired with the dedication of both the program manager and executive team are why we are proud to announce Event Network as our Client of the Month!

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