Client Spotlight: Building Essential Skills at Veterans Trading Company, LLC

Veterans Trading Company inauguration

Veterans Trading Company, LLC partnered with BizLibrary in August 2016 to help with building a strong foundation for employee training. They’re a small business that focuses on end-to-end supply chain solutions and procurement, partnering with other companies like Boeing, BAE, and Lockheed Martin.

Hear from HR Manager Katie Farron how Veterans Trading Company is creating a training program that streamlines processes and helps employees develop skills to advance their careers.

Tell us about your training program.

The training program is still relatively new, because up until recently we didn’t have a formal one in place. Right now, we’re working on integrating BizLibrary’s custom content for essential soft skills with company-specific procedures. Ideally, we will have a monthly schedule tailored to each department as well as a highly effective onboarding segment for new hires.

What are your job responsibilities?

I’m a department of one plus my boss, so I get to do a little bit of everything! I run payroll, handle benefits, address any concerns employees have about work-related issues, and I also oversee training.

Veterans Trading Company

What are your goals for training this year?

A year from now, I’m hoping to have a successful onboarding program as well as department-specific process and procedure training, supplemented by BizLibrary’s content for building more universal job skills. There are a lot of skills people in our groups mention wanting to improve on but not really knowing where to begin – leadership, computer skills, presentation, etc. We want to make everyone feel confident in the job they’re doing and help them work toward the positions in our company they want to move up to.

I’d want to be able to count on our program to pass our annual audits, as well as keep new hires up to speed from the beginning. I think we’ll know it’s been successful when we start seeing the results of streamlined processes – fewer errors, higher scores on audits, better year-end numbers. I’m also hoping we’ll just be able to gauge the success by participation data. Even in the last few months, our participation has gone way up, and people are already becoming more familiar with the portal and seeking out the “recommended” training on their own.

What do you love most about partnering with BizLibrary?

I love how responsive and positive everyone is. The site is user-friendly, and the representatives work with me personally to make sure we are laying the best possible foundation for our training program.

What advice would you give a new HR or L&D professional trying to build their training program?

Don’t feel bad if it seems overwhelming, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or borrow knowledge from other people. Some of the materials my BizLibrary consultant has provided me from other groups have been the inspiration for new training formats or methods that my own group turned out to really like.

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