Why Attend ALIGN 2018? Hear From Last Year’s Participants!

As our client-partners know, each year we host ALIGN, our annual client and prospective client conference, which is designed to empower our clients to improve their training programs by learning from each other.  Attendees walk away from the conference with new knowledge, best practices, and strategies to improve their programs, maximizing their return on investment.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few takeaways from our clients after last year’s conference here in St. Louis!

Sara Luchsinger, Vice President of Organizational Development at Seek Careers

When we asked Sara about her experience at ALIGN last year, she had this to say:

“The unique thing for me about attending ALIGN is the conference doesn’t focus on proprietary products, but rather we hear program best practices from other clients.

I’ve been to three ALIGN conferences and each year I come away with ideas to take back to our team to improve our process.

This past year, I had the pleasure of having another member of our team attend.

We had a few hours to kill before we had to leave for the airport, so we brainstormed takeaways and ideas from the conference and created a spreadsheet of over 30 takeaways that would break down and start to implement.”

Those few hours had an immediate impact on Seek Careers, Sara reports.

“Because of those ideas, we have increased our client score, more than doubled our number of completions, and decreased our cost per course.”

How ALIGN Impacted Seek Career’s Training Program

Sara told us a little bit about how last year’s conference impacted her company.

“Last year’s event had a profound impact on the way that we do new hire training and onboarding.

Our leadership team bought into the concepts that we created and helped shape and develop a leadership outreach program off the training and development pieces.

We are looking forward to attending this year’s conference not only for the value that it provides but also for the ability to network with L&D professionals who are leading the way with new and innovative programs.

When you make an investment into your LMS, the best way to get value is to make an investment in learning everything that it can do to help your organization reach its goals.”


Catch Sara’s ALIGN 2018 Breakout Session

Creating an Onboarding Training Program that Trains When You Can’t

Presented by Sara Luchsinger

In August of 2017, the CEO of SEEK gave their team a challenge – cut the two-week training program down to one week and decrease employees’ time to productivity by 50 percent. After attending ALIGN 2017, their program has not only completed that objective, but has created a learning culture with new employees – in less than 6 months


Victoria Cason, Employee Development Manager at Tarrant Regional Water District

“I’ve attended plenty of boring, meaningless conferences in my day. You know the ones where the best thing you can say about it is that the food wasn’t terrible?

I can tell you from first-hand experience, ALIGN is not that type of conference.

I came away inspired with ideas, encouraged by the BizLibrary team, connected with peers, and had a focus and purpose for my training program that was new and exciting.

I found new information in every session I attended and every opportunity to interact with other attendees was beneficial. When you attend, you can tell the BizLibrary team has selected the sessions and planned the networking opportunities with the attendees’ interests in mind.

Whether your are a prospective client, new client just implementing, or a tenured BizLibrary client considering ALIGN for the first time, I am confident you will be pleasantly surprised at the return you will receive on making this investment.”


DON’T MISS Victoria’s ALIGN 2018 Breakout Session

I’m at ALIGN, Now What?

Victoria Cason

Get your conference started on the right foot with tips and strategies for making the most of your ALIGN experience. In this session, learn how Tarrant Regional Water District strategically utilized what was learned at ALIGN 2017 to leverage and fuel their learning and development program through 2018.

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