4 Must Read Articles for HR, L&D, and Recruiting Professionals

As a busy professional, staying up-to-date on the latest industry articles can be quite challenging. So, we’ve taken time to read dozens of the latest HR, L&D, and Recruiting articles and share some of the best. Ranging from leadership development to employee engagement, we’ve got you covered on the latest from the industry.

Leadership Development Should Focus on Experiments – Harvard Business Review

With billions being spent on leadership and management training ($24 billion in 2013), companies are seeking to find and show true, measurable results. This article shows how some companies are taking a new approach to solving that challenge: experiments for managers and leaders.

How to Pick the Right Candidate Much More Often, According to Science –

Unless you’re a supremely confident extrovert, being on the candidate end of an interview panel isn’t fun for most people. But, is it best for the company interviewing the candidate? This article shows how science answers that question.

Eight Simple Ways Leaders Can Boost Employee Engagement – Forbes

As the article points out, a Gallup poll showed that only 32% of employees are engaged in the US, remaining flat since 2000. See what 8 members of the Forbes Coaches Council suggest leaders do to help employees become more engaged.

The Hidden Scientific Reason Why Your Coworkers Won’t Help You – Fast Company

What’s the best way to select 2 colleagues to work together on a project? Who’s the best person on your team to train the new employee? This article might not answer who you should include, but will probably help you avoid selecting the wrong person.

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