Case Studies

Thomas Cuisine Management

Kathleen Haggerty, Thomas Cuisine

“We need training available anytime, anywhere – whether it is at the desktop, on a tablet or mobile device.”

— Kathleen Haggerty, Director of Training and Development

The Challenge

Thomas Cuisine’s focus has always been to provide a great product, while offering genuine service and focusing on lasting relationships. Being in the fast-paced food industry and with a younger generation workforce, Thomas Cuisine needed to keep up with generational demands and needs.

They needed to provide employees a learning solution with content that was short, accessible in multiple ways, and that could keep up with both employee and industry needs.

  • Make training and development opportunities available to employees
  • Need for a centralized location to house internal resources
  • Need for industry-specific training

The Solution

Thomas Cuisine developed a specialized training program to accomplish their goal of shorter, easier to access, training content. BizLibrary assisted in the development and implementation of the new program.

Having a training mentality already in place, the employees were excited to have access to new content and material.

“Employees want training and new employees want to be part of a company that provides ongoing development. We are a learning company, but we’re pushing the envelope to learn more.”

With a blend of off-the-shelf content from BizLibrary’s extensive video library, internal custom content and additional outside resources covering industry-specific training, the new program was a recipe for success.

The program, divided into trimesters, provided employees with an average of 5-6 hours of mandatory training content tailored to Thomas Cuisine’s needs and was hosted on Bizlibrary’s Learning Management System.

“We focused on ongoing important topics, while meeting with leadership and operational teams for feedback on important areas that should be addressed.”

The Results

Thomas Cuisine’s bold pairing paid off. Their supportive leadership team helped drive training and learning initiatives, but the measure of success is not about utilization; it’s about the experience and feedback from the teams.

  • 98% program participation rate
  • 31% increase on the training component of annual employee feedback survey
  • Significant increase in employee engagement
  • Increased sense of inspiration among employees
Thomas Cuisine Management logo

Employee size: 250-999
Industry: Accommodation and Food Services

Thomas Cuisine Management is dedicated to providing exceptional food management services for hospitals, corporations, and colleges.

Their specialty is in delivering deliciously tempting food, personal touch, operational excellence, integrity, and culinary creativity.


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