The Go Solution: The Blended Learning Desire

  • Tiffany Ghrist, The Go Solution

    "BizLibrary helped solve multiple areas of opportunity and provided us with easy and convenient options."

    Tiffany Ghrist, Director of Sales Support

The Blended Learning Desire

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, The Go Solution is known for being a pioneer in the retail telecommunications industry. They are a customer focused organization that truly cares about their customers’ ever-evolving needs and strives to provide the best service.

The Go Solution offers comprehensive solutions nationwide, providing unique products and services for value-conscious consumers.

Before partnering with BizLibrary, The Go Solution was facing challenges with professional development, employee growth, accountability measures, employee retention and sales growth.

They were also receiving negative feedback from exit interviews. “Lack of support” and “lack of training opportunities” were among the most common statements of departing employees.

To better serve their valuable clients, The Go Solution needed to provide a training program to help improve their employees’ skills and knowledge.

They were looking for a blended learning program that covered all of the challenges the organization was facing and at the same time allowed them to track and measure progress.

“BizLibrary had the largest library of content along with the features of the Content Management to fit the Blended Learning desire.”

The BizLibrary Collection offered thousands of training programs that covered a wide variety of topics, and a Content Management system that allowed them to keep track of the learning process and measure results.

Introducing the “Go University”

To promote the launch of the BizLibrary Program, the leadership team organized a graduation-themed day with decorated training rooms, snacks and beverages, and raffle drawings. They showed previews of courses throughout the day, handed out diplomas and took pictures of employees with graduation caps.

A letter from the CEO was sent out to all employees to introduce the “Go University” program and raise awareness. Leaders and executives of the company met to discuss the benefits of the program, future plans, and how the training would tie to revenue.

Implementation of BizLibrary

Each month, a “Brain Workout” was sent out to the entire company, a selection of BizLibrary courses tied to corporate initiatives.

Each department was assigned a required course and two electives. In addition, the training team uploaded content from a third-party vendor to help train employees.

“The training team takes pride in identifying and selecting courses that are appropriate and applicable to the organization.”

A marketing initiative called “Growth” was put in place to continuously promote the training program and reengage employees. All managers organized periodic meetings with their teams to discuss applicable skills learned in the courses and track progress.

Program Results

Since January 2015, many TGS agents reported being able to close sales because content was readily available. Closing rates have increased 7% since the program was implemented. They have been able to utilize the content and reference previously learned material to assist them on their calls.

Turnover has decreased by 87% and significantly reduced negative feedback from exit interviews.

An employee survey indicated that 70% of participants have taken courses outside of the company-assigned courses, and 95% said they like the BizLibrary content.

The Go University program has become a normal part of employees’ days, and a quick reference tool when it comes to sales. The leadership team embraces the LMS and encourages daily use.

Monthly team meetings include feedback sessions where managers discuss the monthly assigned courses and reps discuss how modules have helped them improve their skills.

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Employee size: 250-999
Industry: Professional, Scientific, Tech Services

We are a nationwide marketer and retail service provider of home telecommunications, security and insurance products.

The Go Solution is a customer-focused organization with the goal of delivering high-value solutions to meet needs, all the while providing an exceptional customer experience. We partner with the best nationwide providers to deliver TV, Phone, Internet, Security and Insurance solutions for everyone.

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