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  • Andrew Alexander Red Roof Inn

    “When you invest in your team and provide opportunities for people to grow, the rewards are endless.”

    Andrew Alexander, President

Business Challenges

Red Roof Inn’s primary goal is to be the top economy hotel in the hospitality industry while delivering the highest level of quality service and value to their guests. In order to reach that goal, Red Roof Inn had to focus on addressing business needs first.

With more than 400 locations all over the United States, Red Roof Inn faced a challenge to develop communication and management skills and create a customer-centric culture.

The Learning and Development team at Red Roof Inn wanted to provide ongoing training and development to their managers and leaders, guest service representatives, corporate and call center teams, and senior management.

“One of our core values is to provide ongoing training and development at ALL levels of our organization.”

– Andrew Alexander, President

Red Roof Inn found a scalable, cost-effective solution at BizLibrary. Using BizLibrary’s powerful Learning Management System paired with thousands of employee training videos on key business topics, they founded the RED Academy.

The RED Academy

The RED Academy was created with the objective of offering ongoing training and career development opportunities to its dispersed workforce.

“We took a great brand initiative and made it exponentially better by layering on the BizLibrary learning platform.”

– Leslie Fisher, Vice President of HR and Training

With the help of their BizLibrary Client Success Consultant, the Learning and Development team set strategic goals along with a plan to introduce the program, market the program to its employees, and develop key metrics and KPI’s to measure its effectiveness and success.

Thanks to BizLibrary’s fully responsive learning technology platform, Red Roof was able to deliver easy and convenient “just-in-time” training to all employees, which was a key priority for them.

Managers and employees are able to access the training content from any computer, phone or tablet, and from any location.


The RED Academy training program consisted of a blend of business skills and management training with custom content. Before officially launching the program, Red Roof learning program managers migrated tools, resources, manuals, templates and custom videos to the new platform.

“It is nice to have a learning management system that we can easily load the content and administer ourselves.”

– Jane Palumbo, Regional Vice president, Franchise Operation

Besides the training courses from the BizLibrary Collection, employees are able to access custom content within the library using a built-in search engine.

“The search function, the content and the ‘curb appeal’ of the BizLibrary platform are all positives. I really like how it tracks what I have downloaded, finished and haven’t finished.”

– Jane Palumbo, Regional Vice president, Franchise Operation

In order to raise awareness of the program and get employees interested in the training content, Red Roof introduced the RED Academy in a methodical way designed to test, evaluate and adjust the program in incremental steps.

They started out by introducing the RED Academy to all managers first, and then proceeded to add mandatory compliance training in every corporate-owned and operated property.

Program Results

Red Roof’s dedication to planning and goal-setting before launching the program definitely paid off.

“Not only have we seen an increase in learning with hourly employees, but the use of the system has rippled throughout our management levels, corporate office and franchise community.”

– Leslie Fisher, Vice President of HR and Training

The success of the program is measured by employee engagement and overall course completions.

Managers are now using the BizLibrary Collection content for additional career development opportunities and use the RED Academy to access daily operational tools and materials.

Having all the content and learning resources within one central location makes it easy for employees to quickly find what they need.

Within the first year, employees completed a total of 15,529 courses, and that number jumped to 26,455 the following year. Employees continue to use the platform frequently as their #1 learning and development resource.

“RED Academy allows us to further punctuate the Red Roof Inn philosophy of “One Brand. One Focus.” All Red Roofers are leveraging the system to get the tools and resources needed for success.”

– Vicki Houston, Management Trainer

Senior leaders at Red Roof see the value of training and development and are currently looking to expand the program even further, and incorporate it into new employee onboarding so that new hires have access from day one.

The Training and Human Resources teams also continue to find new ways to use the BizLibrary Collection as part of their efforts in developing successful teams.

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Employee size: 1000-4999
Industry: Accommodation and Food Services

Red Roof is a leader in the economy lodging industry with franchised, corporate-managed, and corporate-owned properties, serving millions of guests each year. With coast-to-coast locations, Red Roof has over 450 properties in the U.S. Red Roof is also expanding internationally to Brazil, Canada, Thailand and Japan.

The primary goal at Red Roof is to provide customers savings without sacrificing comfort.

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