Maverick Technologies: People Are Our Product

  • Christy Sirianni Maverick Technologies

    “By investing in the staff and formalizing performance reviews and providing means for ongoing, directed development – employees are growing faster with the company.”

    Christy Sirianni, Director of Performance Excellence

People Are Our Product

MAVERICK Technologies realizes that “people are their product.” After conducting employee engagement surveys, MAVERICK quickly discovered common needs among their employees.

Employees were looking for career development, a sense of engagement, and ongoing training.

“We took a step back after reviewing employee engagement surveys and took the feedback we received very seriously.”

To address these needs, MAVERICK quickly created a workforce development department. They had training in the past but it was not formalized or available to all staff.

Since MAVERICK’s employees are engineers, prior training was technical – not focused on soft skills. MAVERICK wanted to ensure the training content delivered to employees addressed all of the skills necessary to grow their business and was accessible to all employees.

In 2013, MAVERICK Technologies partnered with BizLibrary to provide their employees a library of short form video content, including thousands of courses in a variety of business skills.

MAVERICK paired their custom and internally developed safety and EHS content with The BizLibrary Collection by using the Content Management functionality of BizLibrary’s Learning Management System.

Let’s Start From the Beginning

MAVERICK’s main goal for implementing BizLibrary’s employee training program was to help employees grow their skills. They wanted to tie their training to competencies and performance reviews in order to develop and create behavioral changes within the organization.

“We started from the core of the business and utilized the
culture, mission and vision for the company – then developed competencies that were in alignment.”

They created competencies based on 3 focus roles: self-management, managing others and managing function/business. Moving forward, annual performance reviews are now tied to those competencies.

In working with their BizLibrary Client Success Consultant, they linked content from the BizLibrary Collection to each competency, making sure to fill any skill gaps employees demonstrated.

Management Buy-In: A Key to Success

Prior to launching the program, MAVERICK Technologies gained strong management buy-in. In fact, having management support for the program was crucial to its success.

A key factor in gaining management buy-in for the program was the formal strategic plan developed to guide the entire program.

They created a “charter” that included how the proposed plan would contribute to the success of the business, and MAVERICK’s learning and development team linked program goals directly to bottom line impact. Consequently, the program was immediately adopted upon launch.

“The launch of the program started with an assigned team
building course, followed by hosted round table sessions.”

It was important for MAVERICK Technologies to raise awareness of the program and encourage participation upon launch.

To do this, they selected a team building course that would apply across all levels of the organization. They assigned these courses with a due date, then hosted follow up round table sessions for discussion.

The program has continued beyond competency mapping and performance reviews into departments. Managers assign courses and host monthly meetings, and follow up with sessions to discuss the material. In these discussions, managers and employees talk about how to apply specific skills that were learned in the courses.
Program Results: A Bright Future

“We are able to tie human development to business goals.”

Since launching their program, MAVERICK Technologies has seen some amazing results. Not only has turnover decreased and employee engagement scores increased, but they can now plan for the future.

In the past, developing future strategic goals was not a priority, nor was it possible. They are now working towards developing a 5-year plan based on the growing skill level of their employees.

MAVERICK chose to invest in their staff and formalize performance reviews to provide means for ongoing, directed development. In return, employees are more satisfied in their positions and growing faster with the company.

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