Case Studies

Marquette Savings Bank

“We’re still growing the program, we are never finished. We’re constantly identifying new opportunities to make it even better.”

— Debra Ray, Training and Organizational Development Manager

The Challenge

Marquette Savings Bank has a rich history of providing the “Hometown Touch,” helping its customers make informed decisions before becoming home owners, while financially supporting only-local charities, causes, organizations, programs and institutions.

To better serve the local community, improving onboarding processes and customer service skills was an ongoing strategic goal. They utilized BizLibrary’s online training solutions to address:

  • Career development opportunities
  • Employee engagement
  • Banking compliance training
  • Company-specific training for multiple locations
  • Customer service needs

The Solution

Marquette Savings Bank worked with BizLibrary to select a list of comprehensive video courses from The BizLibrary Collection that addressed their specific needs. They utilize the BizLibrary LMS to deploy off-the-shelf video content, upload custom content and manage compliance training.

With the support of the leadership team, Marquette Savings Bank launched Community, BizLibrary’s social learning application that allowed everyone to share ideas, questions, successes and news.

“We loved how the courses also included participant guides, saving time for the trainers”

The program was incorporated into annual performance reviews. Specific topics and courses were selected for each person as part of individual development, which allowed everyone to receive training on the specific skills they needed to improve on.

The Results

“The employees love the courses!”

Marquete Savings Bank’s business goals included enforcing 100% compliance, improving employee onboarding, increasing sales growth year over year, improving customer retention and developing a competitive advantage. After the implementation of BizLibrary, Marquette Savings Bank:

  • Decreased the time it takes new hires to become productive
  • Developed a new customer service program
  • Increased employee engagement by offering career development opportunities
Marquette Savings Bank logo

Employee size: 50-249
Industry: Finance & Insurance

Marquette Savings Bank is a leader in residential lending and savings programs. Over the past few years, it has evolved into one of the area’s most financially strong, full-service financial institutions for retail and business customers.

Renowned for its tagline, “The Hometown Bank with the Hometown Touch” Marquette Savings Bank has long been committed to the idea that with home ownership comes a sense of responsibility and pride not just in one’s home, but also in one’s community.


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