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Consumer Privacy Act | Video Lesson Preview

Consumer Privacy Act

Over 75% of Americans use the internet and other electronic means of mass communications. Because of this, consumer privacy has become a major issue. Consumer privacy, also known as customer privacy, involves protecting personal information that is revealed during everyday transactions. Watch this course to learn more.

HIPAA: Privacy Rule: Minimum Necessary Standard | Video Preview

HIPAA: Privacy Rule: Minimum Necessary Standard

The three principle areas of HIPAA will be covered: Privacy, Security and Breach Notification. This video lesson, the third of eight in the HIPAA Basics video course, covers the Minimum Necessary Standard, will help the learner understand the value of limited access, and will guide the learner through creating systems such as role-based access.

Components of Check Fraud

Components of Check Fraud

Check fraud is one of the largest challenges facing financial institutions. Technology has made it increasingly easy for criminals to create realistic counterfeit checks and false identification to defraud financial institutions. It has been estimated that 75% of all FI’s experience losses due to check fraud. To protect yourself and your customers from check fraud, you need to become familiar with check fraud schemes and common warning signs of counterfeit checks.

Adult Financial Abuse - California

Adult Financial Abuse – California

The elderly are prime targets for financial scams, and California has the most reported cases of Adult Financial Abuse. The Financial Elder Abuse Reporting Act of 2005 (FEAR) requires the reporting of any fraudulent use of an elder’s drafts, checks, or orders drawn upon any bank, credit union or savings association.

Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities - Spanish

Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities (Spanish)

Bloodborne diseases are a serious hazard. It’s important for healthcare workers to understand the policies and practices that can prevent their transmission, and the OSHA regulations that address them. This program provides key information regarding sources of infection, the Exposure Control Plan, biohazard labeling, vaccinations and more.

Negotiable Instruments and Endorsement

Negotiable Instruments and Endorsement

In this program we’re going to take a look at negotiable instruments. What are they? How do they work? How are they governed? Watch this course to learn more about negotiable instruments, promissory notes and more.

Anatomy: Functional Body Systems | Industry Specific Employee Training Video Lesson

Anatomy: Functional Body Systems

This program investigates the major body systems that are important during physical activity: the Skeletal, Muscular, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Nervous Systems. It examines each of these systems, their parts, their functions and how they work. It also explores the contribution and interaction of the systems when we exercise, and while we are rest.

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