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The BizLibrary Collection is an award-winning “NetFlix-style” employee training solution of online training videos and eLearning courses.

Employees have unlimited access to thousands of online training programs on virtually every topic they might need, including Communication, Leadership, Management, Customer Service, Compliance and Desktop Computing, and much, much more.

The BizLibrary Collection Includes...

Employee -training -catalogThousands of Video & eLearning Courses
Employees find everything they need in our growing library. 50+ new courses added monthly.

25 Topic Areas
A wide range of business and professional topics are available, including communication, leadership, management, compliance, customer service, computer skills, and so much more.

Unlimited Access
Employees learn what they want, when they want, from our entire course library. No limits!


Iphone -interfaceDesktop, Mobile and Tablet Access
Employees access our mobile site and free app for IOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Switch back and forth from mobile to desktop learning without missing a step.

Variety of Formats

Our collection includes 1-hour eLearning courses, 15-25 minute videos as well as short 2-5 minute performance support programs that are very popular.

Online Administration
Easily add users, assign courses with or without due dates, monitor progress and print or export reports for your management.

Optional Solutions
ELearning Course Bundles
Add Your Own Courses and Content
Learning Management System

Check out our most popular programs

Everyday Creativity with Dewitt Jones

Nice video about how changing perspectives and the way you look at problems can reveal new and interesting solutions.

Effective Listening

This is a course I completed last summer, because I NEEDED a refresher. It stuck. It's a good skill - no, it's a necessary skill. We may have a better course on this topic, but this one works for me.

Conflict Resolution Training Series

Scenarios are a tad over the top, but they work to teach. The post scenario feedback is very good. The video tackles some really tough, real-style problems.

Conflict Resolution Episode 5: There’s No Such Thing as Personal Space!

This video is part of the Conflict Resolution series, Part 1: Expressing Your Ideas and Concerns and Feelings and Stuff!

Cutting Edge Communication Series: Surviving Team Conflicts

Edgy, but funny way to get to a good point about how to deal with team conflict.

Active Listening

A key skill to a range of important competencies. Some good, practical tips in the course.

Quick Talks: Dan Pink - Whose Purpose is it Anyway?

Maybe not EVERY employee, but every manager. Great advice about employee engagement and motivation.

Being an Effective Change Leader

Another in the Leadership Series in The BizLibrary Collection. Some excellent strategic information about leading change.


A really nice customer service video for everyone about the impact of positive attitudes on our interpersonal interactions.

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