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Creating Great Business Video: The Case for Video

While many people utilize modern technology as an educational tool, not all resources produce the same results. This video explains why some e-content learning will actually be counterproductive; it also discusses the value of T.V. style video.

What to Say When: Someone's Not Doing What You Need

When you analyze it, there are just four possible reasons why a team member isn't doing what you need. Understanding, isolating and addressing that cause is the key to getting staff members back on track.

Cutting Edge Communication: Coaching New People

This video addresses how to coach new people. Ideas such as welcoming them, giving feedback, encouraging new skills and being a good role model are discussed.

How to Work a Room: Part 1

This program is for business professionals who are attending a networking event, a corporate or government function, seminar, lobbying meeting, community gathering, etc. (part one of two)

Active Listening

The listening process is pretty straightforward. To listen actively, we have to pay attention. We’ve got to hear something, we’ve got to let it physically enter and vibrate our eardrums, and go into our brain, and then let our brain think about it.

Quick Talks: Dan Pink - Whose Purpose is it Anyway?

Organizations that perform at a high level stand for something and contribute to the world. Profits without purpose lowers motivation.

Being an Effective Change Leader

Explain why the change is needed, build sponsors, model commitment, track indicators of change, and apply the ABCs.


The SMILE! video-based training program is about attitude for frontline customer service professionals, their supervisors and managers. It is also a program about personal choice and responsibility. SMILE! answers the question that customer service trainers and managers often hear: "What's in it for me?"

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