Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: HR Version

Sexual harassment is a common issue facing many organizations. As an HR professional, you need to know all about EEOC laws and regulations.
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 09:45

How to Create A Mentoring Program That Actually Works | Webinar 11.25.15

In this webinar we’ll discuss how mentoring will help you overcome key business challenges and provide 7 key steps to create a program that will actually work and improve organizational productivity and performance.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Employee Version

Sexual harassment in the workplace is one of those issues that most employees are aware of, but are not prepared to deal with.
Written by Debbie Williams at 09:25

Business Success and Profit [NEW Employee Training Video Series]

This employee training video series includes 8 practical videos filled with useful tips for achieving business success and improving ROI.
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 08:15

L&D World: Is it Really Splitting in Two - More Commentary

For the last few days a fascinating debate is occurring about the current state of L&D. Jane Hart fired off the first statement challenging the profession with a provocative blog post on November 12, in which she argued that the L&D World is Splitting in Two. According to Hart there are traditionalists clinging to an outdated model for training in which trainers deliver training TO employees, and enlightened professionals who realize the realities of the world have changed and a new approach to workplace learning “is essential.”
Written by Chris Osborn at 09:20

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5 Easy Steps to Conduct Successful Performance Reviews

5 ways to prepare for a performance review with an employee that will ease your mind and prepare you to evaluate their performance accurately.
Written by Ande Kempf at 10:00

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How to Unlock the Hidden Value in Your Emerging Leaders | Webinar 11.19.15

In this program, Chris Osborn of BizLibrary will discuss the most effective ways to give your most promising workers the tools and skills they to advance their careers. You’ll learn how to approach leadership with an intelligent, forward-thinking outlook that will return excellent results and inspire others.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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Honesty Made Simple [New Employee Training Video Series]

This employee training video series will help employees and employers understand basic principles of personal honesty and integrity.
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 10:00

What Employees Really Want and Need Out of Training | Webinar 11.18.15

In this webinar, Chris Osborn will present the results of this ground-breaking research with specific recommendations to help organizations mold training solutions to help meet the desires, expectations and actual needs as expressed by end users.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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Sink or Swim? Supporting the Transition to New Manager | Webinar 11.12.15

60% of frontline managers fail within the first two years in their role. 26% felt they were not ready for the role, and 58% reported receiving no management training. What can you do to turn these numbers around? This one-hour webinar is best suited to people who need to develop specific strategies and tactics to help new managers succeed. A crucial element to success is training as your newly promoted managers transition to roles that require new, and frequently unfamiliar, skills and competencies.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00

Time Management for Employees: 3 Powerful Tips

Time management is an ongoing learning process. Here are three powerful tips to help train your employees.
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 00:00

Me First! Building a Balanced Ethical Perspective [New Employee Training Video Series from BizLibrary]

Me First! Building a Balanced Ethical Perspective helps employees get beyond self-centered thinking and delivers employee training that improves relationships, raises ethical standards, and restores balance in the workplace.
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 00:00

How to Get Employees to Get and Stay Engaged with Online Training | Webinar

As the manager of your online training program, you likely spend a significant amount of time thinking about how to increase overall usage to ensure impact, value, and return on investment. What is often most challenging and yet most important is communication. How do you boost your learning program participation? In this webinar we’ll share 8 steps to communicate the benefit of your training program and increase usage and engagement.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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Employee Training: Developing Self-Management Skills

Self-management is a key component of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is an important workplace skill and predictor of success in all types of jobs.

People with high degrees of self-management are able to use their awareness of their emotions to guide and direct their actions and behaviors towards positive outcomes. Self-management helps you act intentionally rather than reactively.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00

Developing Your Leaders Emotional Intelligence to Improve Organizational Performance | Webinar 11.05.15

Join us for this webinar and get started with a development plan for your leaders, managers and key employees to help improve EQ across your organization. EQ can be learned, developed and improved. It’s a critically important core business skill, and as you see your employees reach higher levels of mastery, you will see higher levels of performance across a broad spectrum of business skills and professional skills.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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