Why Learning Retention is Key to Employee Training

Are your employees retaining what they learn? Make the most out of your employee training investment with these learning retention techniques.
Written by Erin Pinkowski at 08:00

Best Practices for Developing Your Emerging Leaders

In this webinar, Jeremy Lieb of BizLibrary will discuss the most effective ways to give your most promising workers the tools and skills they to advance their careers. You’ll learn how to approach leadership with an intelligent, forward-thinking outlook that will return excellent results and inspire others.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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How to Gain Leadership Buy-In for Your Training Program [Webinar 04.21.16]

Join Shannon Kluczny, Vice President of Client Success at BizLibrary, for this one hour webinar. You will walk away with ideas, guides and action plans to implement. This session is perfect for anyone just starting out or struggling to make the leap.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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6 Ways to Use Science to Improve Your Employee Training Program [Webinar 04.20.16]

In this session, Dean Pichee, CEO of BizLibrary and training industry veteran, discusses “the forgetting curve” and methods, techniques and tools (including video) that can reverse the forgetting curve and lead directly to much higher returns on investments in improved performance.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00

Wellness Training: The Impact of Being Human

Many corporations focus on wellness training to help employees engage in healthy behaviors. Learn how it can help inspire and empower your employees.
Written by Alan J. Chriest at 08:00

4 Must-Read Articles for HR, L&D, and Recruiting Professionals

As a busy HR professional, staying up-to-date on the latest industry news can be challenging, so we've picked the top 4 L&D articles for you.
Written by Phil Owen at 07:00

BizLibrary Client of the Month: Versant Supply Chain

See how Versant Supply Chain used BizLibrary to create a training and development program.
Written by Hannah Brenner at 07:00

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Meet Our New Client Success Consultant: Q&A

We are pleased to announce the addition of Chris Cluney to the Client Success Team here at BizLibrary! Get to know him in this Q&A.
Written by Shannon Kluczny at 07:00

BizLibrary’s Top 10 Microlearning Topics

Here are the 10 most popular microlearning topics among BizLibrary clients. How do these compare to yours?
Written by Debbie Williams at 09:00

Developing the Coaching Skills of Your Managers and Leaders | Webinar 04.13.16

What are the obligations of managers? The answer to this question varies from organization to organization based upon a number of factors such as industry, culture, department, skill level of the team, etc.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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7 Coaching Tips for Your Managers and Leaders

While there are other important leadership skills and competencies, coaching is central to improving the performance of entire teams.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00

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Why Great Leaders Are Great Listeners

The deepest need in human nature is to feel valuable and important. As a leader, you should always be looking for ways to make people feel important and valuable as parts of your team.
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 09:00

Creating a Mindset for Change and Innovation [WEBINAR]

When it comes to change, most leaders and organizations focus on structures, processes, and systems. Few even recognize that without an individual and collective Mindset for Change and Innovation their best efforts will fail, especially now.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00

10 Tips to Get Leadership Buy-In for your Training Program

One of the keys to a successful training program, and possibly the most important, is leadership buy-in from the top down.
Written by Shannon Kluczny at 08:00

3 Keys to Great Customer Service

Learn the three key competencies you need to give great customer service.
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 08:00
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