Superior Leadership [New Video Series from BizLibrary]

We are happy to announce the release of 11 new video lessons in the Superior Leadership Series by Jeff Havens. These entertaining and insightful video lessons cover how to act towards subordinates and co-workers and especially, how NOT to act towards subordinates and co-workers. Please watch, laugh, comment and rate!
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 08:25

Social Media Tools for Employee Training | Webinar 10.07.15

Social media networks can make employee training more efficient and, surprisingly, more personal. If you understand why social media is so successful in creating a marketing strategy out of conversations, you can better understand how to utilize various social media tools internally for HR.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00

7 Steps to Building a Customer Success Organization

Developing a true Customer Success organization doesn’t happen overnight. Take time to develop a plan, seek guidance and keep driving with the end in mind- the success of the customer.
Written by Shannon Kluczny at 00:00

The 6 Points of Great Customer Service

Happy Customer Service week! This week, we honor those who make our businesses what they are, the first line of defense. In honor of this important week, we’ve boiled down the basics of great customer service to 6 Key Points!

Of course, customer service encompasses a myriad of nuances and covers every industry out there…but at its core, it’s really pretty simple! If the customer is happy, we’re all happy.
Written by Erin Boettge at 00:00

Email Matters [New Video Series from BizLibrary]

BizLibrary announces the release of 10 video lessons in the Email Matters video series. This video series shows and explains the importance of sending the proper message to the correct person using the whiteboard video technique! Check them out and let us know what you think!
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 11:25

Emerging Learning Technologies: Are You Ready? | Webinar 09.30.15

What will employee training look like in 2016 and beyond? Like every other industry, the changes in workplace demographics, technologies and competitive environments affect employee training in many ways. An emerging force in the future of employee learning is the impact of the data and information coming out of neuroscience and behavioral science research. Some technologies are evolving to link the science of human learning to employee training, and in the future, we will see this trend play a role learning organizations’ best practices at a higher rate.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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Developing Your Leaders Emotional Intelligence to Improve Organizational Performance | Webinar 09.29.15

Join us for this webinar and get started with a development plan for your leaders, managers and key employees to help improve EQ across your organization. EQ can be learned, developed and improved. It's a critically important core business skill, and as you see your employees reach higher levels of mastery, you will see higher levels of performance across a broad spectrum of business skills and professional skills.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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Beyond the Bandaid: The Critical Difference Between Ethics and Compliance Training and Why It Matters to You

This webinar will provide a fresh new perspective to ethics training that will uplift your company's programs and give you powerful tools to make a meaningful difference. Learn to address the real problems and offer genuine solutions to ethics problems rather than a band-aid approach as you raise morale, strengthen your company core values, and build strong company ethical foundation.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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Time Management Series [New Video Series from BizLibrary]

BizLibrary announces the release of the Time Management series! This series has eight videos that will get you to stop procrastinating, help you create plans and inspire you to implement your plans for productivity.
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 10:26

Effective Time Management Techniques to Teach Your Employees | Webinar 09.22.15

Effective time management, however, is a competency we can master (and teach) that will improve the quality of our lives both at work and at home. In today’s complex world, we have more and more distractions and demands on our time, so it’s extremely important to master techniques of time management to make the most of a resource that is not renewable, never repeats and is limited each day. In this webinar we’ll provide effective time management techniques for yourself and your employees.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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Discipline Series [New Video Series from BizLibrary]

BizLibrary just added a new video series to the library. The Discipline series contains four videos that will help you get down to the root cause of a problem and take the correct disciplinary action needed.
Written by Daniela Ibarra at 15:30

How to Gain Leadership Buy-in for Your Employee Training Program | Webinar 09.16.15

Leadership support is critical to the success of a training program, but many are challenged in building that bridge and actually gaining the support that is necessary. In this session, we’ll cover why leadership buy in is critical and introduce a 10 step program to make it happen. You’ll walk away with ideas, guides and action plans to implement. This session is perfect for anyone just starting out or struggling to make the leap.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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Neuroscience and Learning: Training Tricks That Maximize Memory and Retention | Webinar 09.15.15

American companies spend 70 Billion dollars a year on training. Unfortunately, research shows that people forget 70% of what they learn within 24 hours and 90% within a week. Research however, shows that a systematic program of after-training can overcome the "forgetting curve" and dramatically increase training ROI. In this webinar, Dr. Kohn will review the essential elements of a successful after-training program.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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Developing the Coaching Skills of Your Managers and Leaders | Webinar 09.09.15

What are the obligations of managers? It varies from organization to organization based upon a number of factors such as industry, culture, department, skill level of the team, etc. Regardless of the organization, at the very heart of this question lies a dilemma.
Written by Jessica Petry at 00:00
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What is the State of the Training Industry?

We just completed our annual client conference (ALIGN 2015), and we spent a terrific two and a-half days talking employee learning and training with over 250 highly motivated and dedicated professionals about this very subject. We also did something else. We published the first volume of data from a survey we ran this summer in which we asked employees what they think of the training programs their employers provide. Based upon the actual data in the survey results and the conversations with our clients, I can confidently say that the “State of the Industry” is quite a bit different than the reports you typically read with such titles.
Written by Chris Osborn at 00:00
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